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Sparkle Chunky Glitter

Sparkle Chunky Glitter

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Silver dots of extra chunky glitter. These are perfect for tumblers, nail art, and other crafts. The glitters are all circle-shaped. Comes in 3 sizes: 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz.

This glitter is great for:
- Tumbler Making
- Candles
- Resin Art and Crafts
- Handmade Soaps
- Kids Crafts
- Slime Making
- Card Making
- Confetti
And much more!

(Please note: 70$ and up, gives you automatic free shipping!)

The glitters are guaranteed by the manufacturer as solvent resistant and can be used in nail polish, but we won't be able to guarantee how they will perform in each situation. We recommend that customers who are concerned about the glitter, test the glitter in their nail polish bases beforehand. The same thing goes with resin crafts and cosmetics.
Please avoid eating the glitter or getting glitter in your eyes.

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